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Guidelines & lessons learned

Through searching for relative articles to the topic of “Emirati women in Small Business” in the UAE,  we discovered a lot of the new information about the HRM practices, cultural influences, entrepreneurs’ aims and abilities, in addition to the  obstacles and facilitators they might get from the culture.   We came up with a list … Continue reading

HRM Importance to Succeed in SB

The HRM practices could play an important role for the individuals whom are working on their own SMEs (small/ medium) projects, either they might reflect in positive results, or negative impacts on entrepreneurs or the business. In order to work out the HRM practices in a helpful way to support the Emirati women in their … Continue reading

Adapting small business in Bahrain

  Bahraini women entrepreneurs considered as a main part of Bahraini society because of their participation  and their ability to improve their skills to start running their own business and expanded.  Women in Bahrain are focused on education which  leads to develop specific areas of their business; such as, gaining background information about running business … Continue reading

Adapting Small Business in Jordan

    Like many of the women business owners in other parts of the world, Jordanian  women  start run home-based businesses. about half of the women in Jordan  operate home based enterprises (50% in Jordan).  Most of Jordanian women  entrepreneurs are married and they have children, most of them at the ages of 35, and … Continue reading

How could Emirati women be encouraged to start business ?

UAE provided lots of programs, association, and organizations in each city to support and encourage women to start running a business. Some of the organizations are providing support services to small business entrepreneurs in the UAE and they are: Abu Dhabi Women’s Association:   Abu Dhabi the Women’s Association (AD-WA) deals with women in two … Continue reading

Motivating factors driving female Emirati entrepreneurs

There are great numbers of motivating factors that driving Emirati women to become entrepreneurs. Some of the motivating factors are: Independent:   UAE women entrepreneurs are seeking to contribute in their society to expand and develop their abilities through self improvement and professional development. The main reason for Emirate women to be independent is because  … Continue reading

HRM & Small Business value

Nowadays, SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) became one of the most practiced type of business. Especially the ladies who like to start their own businesses, either by making the products at home or by having small shops/ booths in events that support the “productive families”. But, do all of them apply the HRM while working, … Continue reading

Emirati women’s Features in SB

Many studies and surveys were done on different groups of females who have their own businesses, in order to identify the features and characteristics of the entrepreneurs. According to the article “Women Business Owners in the United Arab Emirates”, it has a survey was done on the Women Business Owners In Bahrain, Jordan, Lebanon, Tunisia … Continue reading

Emirati Women in SB and the Expected Obstacles

Emirate women would face numbers of obstacles that decrease women’s opportunity to start their businesses. The obstacles are : 1-      Financial resources: Financial resources confront as one of main problems that Emirate women would face while start doing their own businesses. It’s difficult for Emirate women to provide the required fund to run their businesses. … Continue reading

UAE culture & Emirati women in SB

The Culture’s developing role: Although at the beginning the Emirati women faced number of obstacles and difficulties which prevented them from working or/and starting their own projects. The UAE culture had a huge part in facilitating the services and supporting the local females to establish their small businesses. When culture is mentioned, that means the … Continue reading